Yet So Far — Available Now!

The second book in the Bright Park Romance series, Yet So Far, is now available on Amazon!

Yet So Far

Alexa Cartwright isn’t looking to jump into a new relationship after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend, Jonathan, but she’ll be the first to admit she’s lonely. Practically everyone she’s close to is moving far away from Bright Park, the town she grew up in, and being newly single only makes it tougher.

So, when one of her friends offers to set her up with a guy friend to chat with, Alexa is on board right away, as long as they keep it platonic. Nathanael “Nat” Van Buren lives across the country, but the way he and Alexa connect, it feels like he’s right there with her. He’s quickly becoming her best friend… and maybe more?

Alexa can’t ignore how her heart beats wildly when she thinks about Nat, but she’s also determined to stick to her original plan: staying single until she’s absolutely sure that a man would be right for her. When the opportunity arises for Alexa to meet Nat in person, though, she’s curious to find out if her feelings change—just in time for a much improved Jonathan to show up at her door, offering her what she’s wanted from the start.

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