Cover Reveal: Savanna Dance

Can’t wait for you to see this cover! It may be my favorite yet.

But first, the blurb:

Follow her family’s path or give in to sizzling chemistry with a stranger under the moonlight?

Brandon Tyler has always had an interest in animals. Before he starts veterinary school in New York, he wants some experience with African mammals. While Hotel Safari offers him the chance to expand his horizons, he wasn’t planning on losing his heart, and certainly not to a giraffe shifter.

Inira Makeri’s life path has already been decided by her family. When she meets the blond American hunk, will she flout her parents’ demands and carve her own path?

Or will Brandon make the decision for her and run away when he learns what she really is?

Savanna Dance is Book 3 of Hotel Safari and will release on August 1st, the birthday of my cousin who gave me the idea to make my female main character a giraffe shifter. Love you, K!

And now the cover:



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