Let’s Talk About: New Dawn

The author of the Hart and Soul series, Liberty Gilmore, has been giving me ARCs in exchange for reviews, and I feel really really lucky at the moment, because the third book, New Dawn, was absolutely gripping. You might even notice a cover blurb from moi.


Trigger warnings for rape (mentioned after the fact–not shown) and abuse. Feel free to shoot me a message in the comments or through Twitter if you want more details to help decide whether this book is right for you.

So I’ve been invested in the Hart and Soul series from the very beginning, but I really have to rave about this third installment. The mystery had me flipping pages just as fast as possible, and I loved seeing the Cadence, main character’s, backstory expanded upon. I’d loved that hint of her past in the second book, Soul Rights, and seeing it again here made my reader’s heart so very very happy! Cadence comes off as even more genuine and likable, while still being a tad prickly and standoffish–and I wouldn’t ask her to be any other way. Above all, I really am enjoying the building friendship between Cadence and Matthew. While I can’t call this series a romance quite yet, the potential is there, and even if it never quite happens, I’m still on board.

This book is a bit darker than what I usually gravitate toward, but I was invested in the mystery–the heartwrenching struggles with faith and murder and rape had me glued to the page. Although the mystery was solved, I was still left with feelings that something bigger is yet to come, so I will be eagerly awaiting the fourth book!

New Dawn is available on Amazon, although I suggest starting with Book 1, New Dusk.

(Note: I posted an earlier version of this review on Goodreads.)


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About: New Dawn

  1. I’d never heard of this before, but the way you describe it, it sounds like a really neat book! I like a good mix of mystery and character development, so I’d probably like this one. I’m sure I’ll start with the first in the series, though.

    Also, +1 celebrity status for Liza for doing a cover blurb! đŸ˜‰


    • Hahaha, celebrity status! I may or may not have sent the author a message with some effusive squeeing. Probably knocked my celebrity status right back down again. đŸ™‚


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