Fierce Player Release Day–and Fierce Wanderer, FREE


I think I fell in love with Maverick when he first popped up in Fierce Wanderer. From then on, I could not wait to write his book, Fierce Player. And then Kate showed up, in her pink hair and eff-you attitude in Chapter One, and I fell in love with this couple.

Kate Ahrens has a problem—she keeps imagining creepy men following her while she walks to and from her college campus. It’s the result of too much time spent developing games, and not enough time talking to actual people. But when she meets the hot librarian with amazing eyes, she starts to think maybe she just hadn’t found the right person to talk to.

As the fourth brother in the shapeshifting Sierra Pride, Maverick Fournier isn’t intimidated by much. Kate, though, with her hot pink hair and sexy piercings, makes him completely lose his cool. He wants to protect her, smell her, and mate her—maybe not in that order. Unfortunately, there are some other men interested in Kate, and their interest isn’t at all romantic. Even though protecting her means revealing his animal side, Maverick is determined to keep her safe and win her love.

Fierce Player, available now

Like all the other books in the Sierra Pride series, Fierce Player stands alone! This one is different in that it hints at things to come in the next books, but don’t worry–there’s still a happily-ever-after and the main story line is resolved.

You can one-click your way to reading Fierce Player here on Amazon or AmazonSmile!

And FINALLY THE FREE STUFF! Book 1 in the series, Fierce Wanderer, is available for FREE on Amazon for a limited time.

Many thanks to Lauren at Romance Novel Giveaways for designing the lovely banner up at the top of this post, and for helping to spread the word!


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