Let’s Talk About: All In My Head


All In My Head by Kristen James was a lucky find. I discovered it on Amazon by chance, and the summary grabbed my attention right away. It’s a contemporary romance with a twist.

The main character, Avery, wakes up after an accident and discovers that she can hear a male voice in her head. The voice belongs to someone named Marcus. They have their differences at first, but as they grow to care about each other, it becomes more and more complicated. How do you have a relationship with someone who’s in your head, if he’s even real?

Ms. James pulled off this unique plot well, and she got me to care about her characters’ lives and well being. She combines the things I love most about one of my favorite genres (contemporary romance) with unconventional additions that make the story that more exciting.

Have you read any books by Kristen James? Or any other clever books that set themselves apart from their genre?

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About: All In My Head

    • Yeah, I think magical realism would describe it. It was otherwise a realistic world besides the fact that the MC has someone talking in her head. Definitely interesting.


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