Let’s Talk About: Godspeed


When it comes to classy romance with a timeless feel, Godspeed by February Grace is one of my ultimate favorites. I usually stick to shorter, steamier, contemporary stories, but this steampunk romance has some of my favorite characters of any book, not to mention its beautiful descriptions and setting.

The heroine, Abigail, is one you root for from the beginning. To put it bluntly, she’s dying, and the only person who has a chance of saving her is the charming but very serious Dr. Quinn Godspeed. The interactions between Abigail and Quinn were without a doubt the best part of the book, but the story’s mystery is also what kept me eagerly flipping pages. Definitely recommended for anyone who loves a newer (2012) romance that reads like a classic.

Note: Although I own a copy of the book, the publisher has since gone out of business, and Ms. Grace has moved her novels to Wattpad. You can read Godspeed for free here.


Let’s Talk About Every Which Way but Dead

Kim Harrison’s Every Which Way but Dead and Kelley Armstrong’s Stolen are tied for “First Adult Urban Fantasy” that I read (the tie is because I can’t remember & likely I read them days apart). They basically landed in my lap, and I devoured them like the delicious things they are.


Every Which Way but Dead is the third book in Kim Harrison’s Hollows series, but even reading it without the others, I was completely invested and in love. After finishing it, you can bet I ran right out to buy the first two books–which I also loved. This is urban fantasy with tons of suspense, danger, humor (always a plus), and incredible characters. I was envious of their friendships and I really really wanted to live here in this amazingly well-constructed world.

Has anybody else read these?

Cover Reveal: Broken Lynx

Broken Lynx Cover Reveal

Hotel Safari Book 4, Broken Lynx, will release on Amazon on October 10th.

This cover is a bit of a departure from the others in the series, as you’ll see. But the book is too. In Broken Lynx, we go back ten years to the time when Deirdre and Hans first met. Readers met the pair in the first book and got to know them better in Book 3. Now you’ll be on their journey toward falling in love.

First the blurb:

Broken heart need mending? Check into Hotel Safari.

Deirdre O’Connell is an Irish nurse who has lost everyone she ever cared about. She runs away to a job at the Hotel Safari Lodge in Kenya, never realizing she’s searching for a new life, a new family, and possibly a new love. While she longs to make friends, she doesn’t know how to trust.

Hans Schmidt is a German lynx on a mission to forget. Leaving behind a fiancée, his job, and the only life he has ever known, he takes the job of jack-of-all-trades at the lodge with no timeframe and no expectations. But when he meets the sassy nurse, his broken heart finds a new reason to mend.

Is friendship with Deirdre enough for Hans? Or will he show her their two injured souls can be perfect together?

And now the cover:




Let’s talk about: Inhale


Sensual portrait of beautiful young blond woman


Inhale by Kendall Grey is the first book in the Just Breathe trilogy. How to describe this novel? It’s a paranormal that ties the elements to real world Australia. The main character is a whale biologist and the book is chock full of details about whales and the character’s whale tagging project and her co-workers. Obviously Kendall knows what she’s talking about.

And everyone is hot. And the sex is scorching. Like, seriously scorching.

I’ve read several of Kendall’s books, including several of the Just Breathe ephemera (shorts related to the series), and she really knows how to write sex. It’s the kind of book you’re glad you’re reading digitally so no one knows why your face is red and you’re sweating and possibly even fanning yourself.

Then again, knowing what the pages hold, you probably wouldn’t read it in public.

Have you read Inhale or anything else by Kendall Grey? Let’s chat!


Know By Heart – Available Now!

The third book in the Bright Park Romance series, Know By Heart, is available on Amazon!

Know By Heart

Laurel Moore’s ideal future consists of two things: a steady career and a stable relationship. Now that she’s got the job part down, she’s ready to focus on the other goal, and she’s found a guy who seems almost perfect: her not-yet-official boyfriend, Grant. The only problem? He’s focused on the marriage and kids dream, and she’s not feeling it.

Besides, Laurel’s kidding herself if she thinks she’s over her best friend and long-time crush, Brandon, the ladies’ man of Bright Park. Even worse, her friends accuse her of still having feelings for Seth, a sexy wise-guy that she’d made out with a couple of years back. And they might not be wrong.

It’s time for Laurel to sort all of this out before things get too serious with Grant. Does she still want to be with this great guy, even though they want different things in life? Should she pursue Brandon now that he’s newly single, even when she has a feeling he doesn’t want her like that? And if she really is in love with Brandon, then why can’t she stop thinking about Seth?

Feel free to add Know By Heart on Goodreads if you’re interested in checking it out!

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Cover Reveal–Fierce Informer

Behold, the cover reveal post for Book 6 in the Sierra Pride series! You will laugh, you will cry…actually, if you’re like me you might drool a little over the dude on the cover. Seriously, these models.

First, the description!

Justine Fournier has worked hard to gain the trust of the Corona Pride. Because they’ve been burned by espionage in the past, she needs to be especially tactful when hunting for clues to her sister’s disappearance. But the eldest brother’s return interferes with her snooping—Mateo watches her every move, and he asks too many questions. Homesick for her own pride, she struggles to convince herself that the all-encompassing, slow-burn attraction she feels for Mateo is merely pesky and, most likely, fleeting.

Mateo Corona can tell that Justine is up to something. Following her around to confirm his suspicions isn’t exactly a hardship—he’d follow her cute little butt pretty much anywhere. Control has always been his motto, but he thinks Justine’s trying to steal his control along with his family’s wealth. Even worse, she’s also stealing his heart.

And next, the cover!


Fierce Informer is available for pre-order on Amazon and AmazonSmile. It’ll be released on October 5th. I can’t wait to share it with you!

Fierce Dancer Release Day

FD_available now

Fierce Dancer is finally here! 99 cents on Amazon, and a free read for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. In her early review, Pocket Pal Sibyl Eisley wrote that “Quentin and Maverick are now tied for the Sierra Pride Book Boyfriend award.” Personally, I knew I loved Quentin as soon as I realized he looked like Spike from Buffy.

Emma Koons had been promised a spot in a Nevada ballet company, but after making a poor dating choice she’s out on her can, with no good work prospects. Now she dances in the Lollipop Lounge. It’s a far cry from ballet, but it keeps her body toned and ready for the day she might be able to audition again.

Quentin Armstrong is a loner mountain lion shifter with a yearning to be a part of something bigger. When the Fourniers call him for a favor, he accepts, hardly expecting to fall in love with the woman they send him to find. The last thing he wants to do is expose Emma to the dangers of his shifter world, but soon he finds himself fighting not only to keep her heart, but to save her life.

FD quote 1

Free books from Tori

This week only, September 5-9, 2016, you can read the first two books in the Hotel Safari series free!

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