Let’s talk about: Inhale


Sensual portrait of beautiful young blond woman


Inhale by Kendall Grey is the first book in the Just Breathe trilogy. How to describe this novel? It’s a paranormal that ties the elements to real world Australia. The main character is a whale biologist and the book is chock full of details about whales and the character’s whale tagging project and her co-workers. Obviously Kendall knows what she’s talking about.

And everyone is hot. And the sex is scorching. Like, seriously scorching.

I’ve read several of Kendall’s books, including several of the Just Breathe ephemera (shorts related to the series), and she really knows how to write sex. It’s the kind of book you’re glad you’re reading digitally so no one knows why your face is red and you’re sweating and possibly even fanning yourself.

Then again, knowing what the pages hold, you probably wouldn’t read it in public.

Have you read Inhale or anything else by Kendall Grey? Let’s chat!



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