Cover Reveal: Turn To Love

Book 4 of the Bright Park Series will be here next month!

Here’s a summary of the book:

Caelyn Jones hadn’t planned to have a guy as a roommate—especially one as cynical and disorganized as Drexel Blackford—but she’s not in a position to be picky. His apartment is by far the most convenient and affordable for her. And besides, Drexel’s super hot, and he’s not mean to her or anything. He just doesn’t show any desire to be her friend.

Still, Caelyn is determined to be an optimist, even while going through the heartache with her estranged parents and the silent treatment she’s receiving from her best friend. It doesn’t matter if Drexel’s the opposite of her in every way. She’ll find a way to become his friend, and ideally, something more.

But her positive thinking can only last for so long when there’s no one around to build her up. Drexel might be part of the reason she finally breaks down… but he also could be the only one to help put her back together.

And here is the cover, created by Addendum Designs:


Turn To Love is expected to release by November 25th, but possibly sooner! To keep up to date on new releases, feel free to sign up for Sibyl Eisley’s newsletter here.

For now, you can add it to your To Read list on Goodreads.

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First Love: This Lullaby


This book was given to me before I read a lot of YA fiction, and before I read a lot of romance (other than those paperbacks my grandma used to hide from me). I have extremely fond memories of reading this book while on vacation with my husband, early on in our marriage. It features Remy, a girl who doesn’t believe in lasting love and tends to push people away. She’s driven and successful in school and in her part-time job, and she also parties and doesn’t put a lot of stock in her love life. Then she meets Dexter, and–you guessed it–everything changes.

Except it doesn’t happen that easily, of course.

If I’m remembering correctly, I first read this book in 2004, and I’ve read it several times since. It’s funny and full of heart, and I highly recommend it.

Cover Reveal–Fierce Survivor

The penultimate Sierra Pride book is nearly here!

And who will find their HEA this time?

Cora Fournier can’t seem to get out from under her family’s watchful eye. Granted, her whole stint in captivity with the Nevada Pride has made everyone feel a mite overprotective of her. Still, she’s ready to move past her trauma until Jerome, alpha of the Nevada Pride, shows up with his son, Tyler. He wants to make peace with the Fourniers, and he’s offering them Tyler as a loyal worker and pride member. There’s one catch—according to pride law, in order to stay with the Fourniers, Tyler has to become Cora’s husband.

Tyler Brooks loved Cora all along. Tortured by his inability to win a challenge against his brother, who’d been intent on keeping her in captivity, Tyler has spent the last two years feeling weak and useless. Now that they’re free of his brother, he has a chance to prove to Cora that whether or not this marriage is on paper only, they belong together, and he will fight to keep her.

The cover!


I’m looking forward to this one being out in the world. Right now you can pre-order Fierce Survivor on Amazon and AmazonSmile. On release day, 11/2/16, it will go straight to your kindle e-reader or app. I hope you enjoy it!


Let’s talk about: Tsavo Pride

Tsavo Pride Laura

Tsavo Pride by Laura Diamond is a stand-alone historical shifter novella and it’s set in roughly the same place as my Pride of Africa. But that’s not why I loved it! Well, partly – I love Kenya. For another thing, look at this cover. So gorgeous. Also, the characters are richly drawn, the setting is vivid, and there’s a heartbreaking love story.

Don’t expect too much heat, but you’ll get an unusual story of love and legend.

Full disclosure: I know Laura IRL as she lives about an hour away from me and we go to book events together upon occasion. She mostly writes young adult fiction which you should also check out.

Have you read Tsavo Pride? Any other Laura Diamond books? Let’s chat!


Fierce Informer Release Day


Fierce Informer is available now!

I had a blast with this one because both of the main characters are shapeshifters. Finally we get the story of one of the sisters! And a hero who whispers endearments en español–you’re welcome. 🙂

Fierce Informer is 99 cents on Amazon & free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers. The first book in the series, Fierce Wanderer, is free to everyone & is available through Amazon, iTunes, B&N, and Kobo. Have a great week, everybody!