Cover Reveal: Thai Rebound

The next installment in the Hotel Safari series will release on January 10th and today I’m going to share its cover. Thai Rebound is the story of Elizabeth, Colin’s ex-girlfriend from Book 1, Pride of Africa. Elizabeth goes to Hotel Safari’s new property in southern Thailand to try to get over Colin and meets a local man, Chon, who was educated in France and is hiding a secret. Fans of the series will be able to guess the secret!

This one was especially fun for me to write because France is like a second home to me (just as it is for Chon) and elephants are my favorite animal. (Yup, Chon’s secret has to do with elephants.)

Since I’ve made you wait a really long time between installments, I’ve made an excerpt of Thai Rebound available via instaFreebie to tide you over until January 10th. Click here to download the exclusive excerpt (the book isn’t even available yet to pre-order from Amazon, and this excerpt is longer than what Amazon lets readers download for free as a sample). Enjoy!

And now, here’s the cover:




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