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Have you tried Pride of Africa yet?

Love this review by a first-time reader!

This was my first Tori Knightwood book and I definitely enjoyed it. (In fact, I enjoyed it enough to start reading Night Spots as soon as I finished.) Being a huge fan of cat shifters, this book immediately drew my attention based on the cover alone and I’m so glad it did. It was a very quick read with a cute romance between Colin and Serena. I would recommend it to anybody else who is a fan of cat shifters, particularly big cats, and is looking for a read that is short but sweet.


Let’s Talk About Secrets of a Soprano


This lovely book was full of all my favorites: music, wittiness, and slow-burning romance. I’m a sucker for a good historical and even more of a sucker for the second-chance romance trope, so I went in already predisposed to like it.

Basically, the main character, Tessa, is a famous opera singer with a broken heart. Maximilian Hawthorne is an aristocrat who owns an opera house…and he also sports a broken heart. Turns out (and this is not a spoiler) they broke each others’ hearts!

Drama and angst and witty comebacks fly all over the place in a romance that is as sweet as it is seductive.

Release of Thai Rebound!

I’m so pleased to announce the release of the newest installment in the Hotel Safari series: Thai Rebound (Hotel Safari, Book 5).


Can an ice queen’s heart melt in the sultry heat of a Thai rebound?

Elizabeth Canterwell had closed herself off to love after Colin Kemboi rejected her. Now, she has run off to southern Thailand to forget him and possibly find pleasure in the arms of another. But she still has her place in London’s cutthroat social scene to consider.

Chon is a French-educated landscape architect employed by Hotel Safari Thailand. He is a Thai elephant shifter with the body of a fighter and the mind of an intellectual. He senses vulnerability in Elizabeth despite her refusal to entertain the idea of a relationship with the hired help.

Will he break down her walls to find her beauty within or are they each doomed to be alone?

Hope you enjoy Thai Rebound (or whichever of my books you’re up to). While this is Book 5, each book is a stand-alone romance, so you can read them in any order. I only recommend reading Book 1 first.