Us All Along – Available Now!

The fifth and last book in the Bright Park Romance series, Us All Along, is available now! You can find it at the following retailers:

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Maryanne Gates has always been “the shy girl,” but snotty comments from her roommate about her virginity has her desperate to change that image. She’s never felt more ready to gain confidence and lose her V-card. And she wants to do it with Dan, the sexy but cocky guy of her dreams. There’s one problem: even though Dan is single, it’s obvious he has a thing for Robyn, the nicest girl in Bright Park.

But Lake DuBois, Maryanne’s most outgoing and amusing coworker, could be the solution to that problem. Lake also likes Robyn, and if Maryanne helps Lake win Robyn over, Dan might move on and finally notice Maryanne.

It sounds like the perfect plan, but after spending so much time with Lake, Maryanne’s falling hard for him. Whether she risks their friendship by confessing her feelings or sticks to the original goal of a one-night stand, her future looks full of rejection with both Lake and Dan chasing Robyn. It would take an exceptional amount of courage for “the shy girl” to take action—if she even has a chance at all.

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First Love: Pride and Prejudice


Pride and Prejudice, is, let’s face it, a classic. I mean, dissertations have been written about this beloved book. What more could I possibly have to add?

I’ll simply tell you what I love about it.

Liza’s Love List for Pride and Prejudice

  • Mr. Darcy, who very obviously looks like Colin Firth
  • Elizabeth Bennett. She’s fantastic. If I could be friends with any fictional character, it would be her.
  • Mr. Darcy’s cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam. He’s delish.
  • Mr. Bingley and Jane!
  • The fact that every time I read it, I want Lydia to take a long walk off a short pier.
  • And I want George Wickham to be waiting for her at the bottom of the sea.
  • the way Elizabeth stands up to Darcy’s aunt
  • the dog Elizabeth plays with in the BBC adaptation when visiting Jane at Netherfield (I know, it’s not in the book. But I want that dog!)
  • the humor
  • Mr. Darcy’s first proposal
  • Mr. Darcy’s second proposal!
  • Everything! I think I might have to read it again. Like, today.

So tell me–what’s your favorite part (or parts) of Pride and Prejudice?

Release Day for Savage Yearning!

Savage Yearning is now available from Amazon for purchase, or free for KU subscribers!


When a one-night stand feels like so much more…

Mountain lion shifter Laura Vidal has been given two choices: leave the territory to find a mate, or become a guardian of the pride. Unwilling to leave the only home she’s ever known, Laura chooses the rigorous and bruising guardian training. Honestly, she’s glad for the training because it keeps her too busy to see Dristan, the guy who rocked her world during an amazing one-night stand.

Dristan Rhees can’t forget the girl who stole his heart after a single night of unbridled passion, despite the fact that she now won’t give him the time of day. But when vampires invade their territory, he and Laura are forced to work together. In order to defend their pride, they must confront the desire that still threatens to consume them.


You can find Savage Yearning on Amazon!