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The three of us–Tori, Sibyl, and I–are still wildly great friends, but we’ve found that this whole author thing takes quite a bit of time! Who knew, right? We love it, but we’re going to say goodbye to our group blog and continue writing our books and popping in on other social media outlets. This blog will remain up so our posts won’t disappear, and we hope to see you around the internet!


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Let’s talk about: Tsavo Pride

Tsavo Pride Laura

Tsavo Pride by Laura Diamond is a stand-alone historical shifter novella and it’s set in roughly the same place as my Pride of Africa. But that’s not why I loved it! Well, partly – I love Kenya. For another thing, look at this cover. So gorgeous. Also, the characters are richly drawn, the setting is vivid, and there’s a heartbreaking love story.

Don’t expect too much heat, but you’ll get an unusual story of love and legend.

Full disclosure: I know Laura IRL as she lives about an hour away from me and we go to book events together upon occasion. She mostly writes young adult fiction which you should also check out.

Have you read Tsavo Pride? Any other Laura Diamond books? Let’s chat!


Let’s Talk About: Godspeed


When it comes to classy romance with a timeless feel, Godspeed by February Grace is one of my ultimate favorites. I usually stick to shorter, steamier, contemporary stories, but this steampunk romance has some of my favorite characters of any book, not to mention its beautiful descriptions and setting.

The heroine, Abigail, is one you root for from the beginning. To put it bluntly, she’s dying, and the only person who has a chance of saving her is the charming but very serious Dr. Quinn Godspeed. The interactions between Abigail and Quinn were without a doubt the best part of the book, but the story’s mystery is also what kept me eagerly flipping pages. Definitely recommended for anyone who loves a newer (2012) romance that reads like a classic.

Note: Although I own a copy of the book, the publisher has since gone out of business, and Ms. Grace has moved her novels to Wattpad. You can read Godspeed for free here.

Let’s talk about: Trial by Desire

Trial by desire Milan

Trial by Desire by Courtney Milan is actually book 2 in the Carhart series. I didn’t read book 1 and I didn’t feel like I was missing anything. Lord and Lady Carhart have been separated (by oceans and continents) since their wedding years before. Each is hiding a major secret from the other. Each is wildly attracted to the other but afraid to get close.

Their chemistry is red hot, the sex scenes were so fulfilling (except when they weren’t meant to be).

This was actually my intro book to Milan’s historical romances and I will absolutely read more!

Have you read Trial by Desire? What’s your favorite Courtney Milan book? Let’s chat!


Let’s talk about: Wild Invitation

Wild invitation Singh

Wild Invitation by Nalini Singh was my first introduction to the wonderful Ms. Singh’s work. It’s a collection of four stories, two that hadn’t previously been published, all set in her Psy-Changeling world. All are about Changelings, or shifters as the rest of us call them, and the Psy are only briefly mentioned.

I haven’t yet read any of the novels about Psy. I look forward to learning more about how they manage relationships. Or if they do.

So, have you read any of the stories contained in this book? Or, what’s your favorite Nalini Singh book? Let’s chat!